Where Exactly is Your Data Stored in the Cloud?

cloud computing data storage and solutionsHave you ever wondered where on earth is your data physically located in the cloud and if so, do you know the answer?

Did you know that having a cloud solution doesn't mean that your data is floating around in cyberspace?

All data, whether cloud-based or locally hosted in an office need a computer hard drive of some kind. This data can be stored on a server, local workstation computer or on dtacenter system clusters. 

With an in-house IT infrastructure the builing, physical location and specific computer is known to those responsible, but have you stopped to consider where exactly is your data stored in the cloud?

The idea behind cloud computing is that data stored on this platform doesn't need to be stored on your computer or mobile device, just accessed on-demand from cloud servers instead.

The adoption of cloud networks is growing at a rapid rate and very soon, many of the services were are currently exposed and consumed as on-premise entities only, will be migrated to the cloud.

Cloud services in London is a growing trend and soon, even small businesses will have this a major capability within their digital transformation landscape.


What is Cloud Computing Technology?

The simplest explanation of cloud computing is that there are cloud solution providers who host servers remotely with secure storage set aside exclusively for each user's apps and data. To connect to cloud services, you will need to have internet connectivity and privilege to access the data that is stored in your dedicated repository. The key benefit of the cloud storage management and technology model is the ability for data and apps to be accessible from anywhere at anytime and from any devices you have.

If you have an email account like Yahoo, Gmail or Microsoft 365, then you have been actively using cloud computing technology for years. This is proven by the fact that you can login to your email account from any device and access the same information whether on the move, in the home at at work. The underlying architecture of the cloud is important for the realisation of the degree of flexibility highlighted above.


How Does Cloud Computing Work with Data Storage and Applications?

There are different types of solutions that make use of the cloud, with some hosting providers not only data there but also applications that would normally runs on local computers. With these cloud computing platforms, all the processing and data storage is done on the cloud server and you only need to launch an app to view or make use of the results of the data or information under consideration.

Also, with cloud computing solutions no other users would have access to anyone else's dedicated space or data. Individual spaces are kept separate through the concept of partitioning - like slicing pizza or pie and making a slice available solely to a specific person.


So where Exactly is Your Data Stored in The Cloud?

Many people are genuinely interested in the physical location of their personal and corporate data for some time now and this has been one of the biggest concerns for not migrating to the cloud sooner.  That said, finding out where your data is physically stored is not as easy as it sounds.

There are numerous data centres and server farms around the world and many cloud providers don't own or maintain their own physical assets but instead, enter into contractual lease arrangements. In most cases, to provide cloud capability and data within their customer region, many of these cloud providers have had to lease cloud storage space in different countries and to ensure the availability of fast data access and application performance.

With many transactions and business operations now moving online, having capable cloud computing companies London can be a big plus for your organization.

Let's consider this example: You live in the UK and subscribe to a cloud provider who actually lease server partition space in Dublin or Frankfurt. If that provider also have customers in the US, it is also likely that they will also lease storage space in Germany, Belgium and the US to cater for the wiser needs of their customer base. The only true and simplest way to find out where your data is physically located in the cloud is to ask your cloud provider directly - period.

When was the last time you contacted your cloud provider to find out where exactly your data is stored in the cloud and what did you learn?


Starting Your Cloud Solution Journey

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