The New Apple Mac Pro 2019 - First Look

the new mac pro 2019Apple created a new high-performance Mac Pro that is designed for professional users.

This Mac Pro boasts dynamic features that promises virtually unlimited customisation possibilities.

The new Mac Pro marks a new era for desktop Mac with the cylindrical version released in 2013. 

Designed to cater for high performance graphics capabilities and powerful transaction processing, the new Mac Pro is considered a high-end high-throughput machine designed for Apple's pro user base.

MacPro 2019 Frame / Enclosure: The Mac Pro is said to be created for absolute flexibility and uncompromising utility and comprises a space frame which provides 360-degree access to the interior.

This approach simplify upgrade and maintenance activities, as well as provide multiple mounting points  and easy access to a variety of components.

MacPro Logic Board: The new Mac Pro claims to also boast a dual-sided logic board that is built for configuration and expansion. Having the new Xeon processor is one of the core component for the Mac Pro due to its capability for up to date operations  and continuous operation at maximum frequencies - without constraints.

Memory and I/O Ports: The new Mac Pro also has 12 DIMM memory slots with capabilities to accomodate up to 1.5 terabytes of RAM, making it almost tolerant to the most demanding tasks. There are also eight PCIe slots which serves as input/output (I/O) ports and enable users to build a system that that is customisable to their unique needs.

MacPro Graphics Card / GPU: The new MacPro also boasts a new graphics architecture that is geared to satisfy performance hungry display output requirements in the form of Expansion Modules - otherwise known as MPX Modules. The new MacPro comprises two GPUs within an MPX Module which is currently considerered the world's most powerful graphics card - this statement seems to claim that the new GPU MX Module is more powerful than what Nasa and government agencies computer systems currently use - I don't think so.... At the time of writing, it is understood that the new MacPro can support up to 4 GPUs.

System Performance Accelerator: There is also an Apple Afterburner, which in lay mans terms is a programmable accelerator card. Within the new MacPro, the Afterburner is suppose to boost performance of ProRes and ProRes RAW video, which in essence should eliminate the need for proxy workflows - Yikes!

MacPro Power Supply: The new MacPro also comes with a 1.4 kilowatt power supply and advanced thermal architecture which should help the computer to maximize performance of every component.

Cooling System for Mac Pro: There are also three large impeller fans which are designed to quietly channel air from front to back of the MacPro during use. The arrangement of the fan-based airflow design to enhance system colling by suporting the in-built blower (not your typical air extractor) that pulls heat from the memory. It is claimed that this type of system design will eliminate the need for fans on individual components within such a powerful system and at the same time, keep sound levels remarkably low - did you hear that, I actually write those words really low?


Now For The Big Business Talk on Apple Mac Products

Mac Pro Display & Support Stand: Apple calims that the Pro Display XDR is the first 6K Retina display, comprising over 20 million pixels for the delivery of extreme dynamic range.
The Pro Display XDR backlighting system includes a large array of blue LEDs that generate exceptional brightness and independent modulation, based on content. There are also other interesting features to ber aware of, including:

  • an intricate series of custom lenses
  • geometrically-optimized reflectors to shapes and control light.

It is also understood that the Pro Display XDR also has better off-axis contrast than any LCD and I believe this will be a massive advantage point for the Apple MacPro.

Did you know that the XDR display magnetically attaches to a stand? Well yes, it does and there are currently mentions of less costly options amongst keen Mac Pro advocates!

And apparently, this is made from a single, solid, aluminum extrusion with counterbalance mechanisms that prevents the display from falling over. This display supports both landscape and portrait orientation. So there you have it, the ultimate intrduction to the new Mac Pro and its trendy Pro Display XDR.

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