The Benefits of VOIP Phone Systems for Business

vopi over ip phone provider

Having a VOIP phone system in today's internet-driven society is an excellent strategy for supporting business productivity and communication needs. 

Before the voice over IP era, many organisations would not be able to afford advanced phone features at relatively low monthly costs.

The introduction of VOIP phone makes it possible to have feature-rich communication systems with functionalities that easily enhance business productivity.

What is VOIP and How Can It Benefit Your Business? 

VOPI stand for Voice over IP stand and is considered a lucrative technology solution for communications that would othewise be expensive to operate and time consuming to put in place.

There is a rapid roll out of VOIP phone systems across the globe, driven by internet better services infrastructure and increased capacity to cope with demands for a stable voice and data connectivity.  VOIP handsets look and work like traditional phones - albeit some exist in very stylish casings.


How VOIP Phones Communication Work

The fundamental concept behind VOIP comminication is SIP trunking or IP phone technology - what does that really mean anyway? Basically SIP allows a voice over IP user to make phone calls to any softphone that is connected to the internet - either in software form or as a physical hardware. With the emergence of VoIP (Voice over IP) you now have the flexibility to be anywhere in the world along with the added power of the Internet to transform your communication approach and get things done more efficiently.


Key Considerations for Choosing a VOIP Phone Provider and System?

Choosing a VOIP phone system is easy, but not every contract and features are the same. There may be cost implications involved for unlocking standard features that one VOIP provider include in you package for free.

With this fact in mind, it is therefore important to research VoIP Phone Systems provider to find the right supplier for your business and a package that work for you. Infact, while technology of VOIP plays an important part in your VOIP selection process, care and due diligence is important for ensuring you are getting the service from a network service provider that you can trust along with the underlying customer service.

With the vast array of VoIP Phone Systems coming online at the backend of 2017, many providers have been rushing to implement products and solutions that make voice over IP phone communication readily available, but doesn't necessarily simplify ease of use or deliver functionalities that users understand.

There's been scenarios where fabulous VOIP phone systems resulted in customers choosing the solution which theylater regret, due to complicated systems menu and poor customer service. Whilst society is being driven to take advantage of new technology, the absence of quality customer care at the other end for the most basic probelms can lead to a frustrating user experience and quck turn-off casued by advanced technology withdrawl syndromes.

Once you are able to choose a VOIP system supplier carefully, this sets the tone for quality and reliable VoIP communication solutions in the modernised fast paced business productivity world.

Business phone systems that are VoIP-ready can promote amazing user experiences through the capability of connecting remote workers to a head office IT system over private network connection.

Adapting IP phone system for your communication strategy can essentially eliminate the need for having dedicated phone lines installed at each office location and easily extend the reach of your organisation's voice communication infrastructure beyond the four walls of any traditional business office.


Solid Rock IT UK as a London Business VOIP Service Provider

VoIP Phone Systems providers are on the increase in London and at Solid Rock IT UK we've partnered with some of the voice over IP companies to deliver IP phone  technology and bsuiness IT Support solutions that our clients have come to know and trust.

Our skills and expertise in defining and scoping VOIP phone solution helped business customer across industry to capitalise on the capabilities of unified communication systems that meet business requirements and reduce implementation timescales.

We can help you with on-premise voice over IP solutions or hosted VOIP, where we manage the entire solution for you. We believe that our customers should never have to contend with the confusions about VOIP technology within this ever-changing marketplace. By listening your concerns and working closely with you understand your needs our expertise can empower you to take better greater control over your business technology strategy communication landscape.


Getting Started With VOIP Phone System for Your Business

If you are interested in moving to a VOIP solution and would like to know more about how we can help your business proceed to the next step simply get in touch and a member of our technology strategy team would be willing to assist further. Otherwise, simply complete the discovery form below and we'll be in touch shortly.

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