Remote IT Support – What Are Your Strategic Business Benefits?

getting your it on the move with working from home support

Many people who have never worked outside their office are seasoned professional at remote home working.

With such a sudden and unexpected transition, you like many others may have lost quality access to IT support coverage that was once readily available to your fingertips.

Remote working is not going anywhere soon and appreciating the new way of working is becoming easier.

Remote IT Support is the new normal for many home working professionals who no longer have their traditional office presence.

If you are new to the concept of Remote IT Support, this is the time to become familiar with the concept.

For those who are already in-tune, maybe now is the time to have a look at the benefits of investing in remote IT support that can help you leverage competitive advantage and business continuity during these uncertain times. So, without delaying further, why should you invest in remote IT support?

1. Being Productive is the Key for Measurable Business Success

As a manager or director of your business, you need to have staff fully functional and not left in a lurch because their computer system or application is defective no longer work properly. The recent lockdown has created a new paradigm shift where staffs across industries have to adapt quickly to the new way business run and teams are managed.

Innovation is at a new level that’s never seen before, with team members now have to create new concept or improvise on technology to ensure everyone is operating at the top of their game while isolation and social distancing prolongs. If you’ve never video call or use shared planning resources and task management apps, you’ll surely be one of those shaking your head in agreement right now.

The last thing any manager or business owner want to see right now is to see staff being paid while doing nothing to redeem the time, due to technological issues and IT constraints. Remote IT Support can provide staff and teams with assurance that technology is working as it should and when issues occur, they can contact experts for quick help and reliable problem resolution.


2. Promote social interaction and team collaboration

Social interaction is one of the main elements for business success and staff productivity. This means it is absolute necessary for teams to be in contact and able to undertake dialogue whilst working from home. One true fact about remote working for business purpose is that if you not able to collaborate then the impact on productivity is very obvious – no work.

Although email is the chief communication method for staying in contact, it doesn’t have the emotions element for sustain a team collaboration spirit. There are better ways of staying in contact and along with teleconferencing, instant chat is the next most popular and trending option for business who thrive on staff productivity. When working from home these will more or less become the main tools by which teams interact and undertake social communications for business purpose in order to get things done. That said, like all other technology artefacts, these too are prone to problems and unexpected issues. Having professional IT support for your communication and collaboration technologies is paramount during this difficult time, otherwise employees we are back square one where teams feel out of touch and in some cases, more isolated than ever.


3. The Working from Home Setup Experience and Expertise Dilemma

Remote IT Support is brilliant at getting users issues sorted while working within the comfort of their home. That said, each user home setup environment will differ due to hardware types, broadband connectivity and location – to name a few.

The situation may exist that some staff members are not given company computer hardware and will have to make do with a consumer level PC or laptop for work. In some cases, others users may be have the privileges of working from high-end workstations which can manage all the apps and configuration thrown at them.
A common challenge seen during the lockdown is that the difference in home working user computers struggle to cope on platforms and services where office systems thrive effortlessly. Slow computers have hindered staff access and software functionality, which in the end stopped many of them from doing their jobs.

At Solid Rock IT UK we are a business solution specialists, with expertise across numerous technology and application platforms. We support systems on both Windows and Apple Mac platforms and help businesses with services and solutions such as Windows Virtual Desktop which enable users to login to from their personal computer and work remotely as if sitting at their work computer. Our remote IT support service can be tailored to your unique needs and is also suitable for your team working from home.


4. How Can Remote IT Support Help Your Organisation?

Woking in a shared workspace with in-house IT Support was good, with the rapid changes that’s spread across industry being without technical support may no longer be an option. Many smaller businesses who once thrived on the provision of in-house IT experts have also seen the impact of this disappearing due to working from home.

IT Support brings invaluable benefits to your new home workspace will at some point require technology support, with huge comfort of having someone available to help when you need it most. If your current work scenario highlights the need for urgent IT support, maybe it’s time to weigh up whether the risks of losing data or not being able to work, is worth the risk of waiting.


5. IT Support Commitments and Concerns

With the lockdown prolonging beyond typical expectations, many organisations are now beginning to reflect on the need for remote IT Support during this difficult time.
Like many others, you may be trying to justify the cost versus benefits of committing to remote IT Support, given the degree of uncertainty around the lockdown period and the need to operate remotely from home. It may seem impractical to pay for annual support where working remotely from home actually last for a few more months. Understandably, this is a true cost consideration and as we offer flexible IT Support, our contract can be tailored to offset remote working periods against the future onsite visits at your office when businesses are officially operational again.


6. Are There Permanent Remote Working Solutions Benefits?

Here at Solid Rock IT UK, we’re already totally remote working leading up to the lockdown. No doubt a lot of organisations would have also adopted technologies which enable them to operate successfully without the need for a physical workspace going forward too. For some companies, this decision will require an in-depth technology audit to determine the feasibility and impacts of long-term remote working for business sustainability.

While digital are crucial for business growth and transformation, the lack of foresight could introduce significant risks that are worth addressing. Our remote IT support service includes a full technology audit for your business, so we’ll be able to asses and help you determine the best course of action before opting for a fully remote lifestyle.

If you would like to discuss remote IT support for your business or other factors that could contribute or hinder your technology or transformation decision, simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you.

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